Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gastric day..Pain+suffer..

Hi, 14th May 09..

Today actually was a happi day.. Doing my shop display since early in the morning.. Felt like to give my shop a new look after new arriver coming.. i had my lovely breakfast b4 goin to work, so was though to skip my lunch cz still vr full...

BUT>>>> in the afternoon, the were 2customers came to my shop to buy t-shirt..
as like normal, i ll serve them although im in busy to change the dispaly.. Never thought that im used 2hours to serve them but at the end they js bought 2 t-shirt..

I regreted of not having my lunch... BECAUSE, serving them make me reli reli exhausted.. my mental and phisical appeal in top and high tension.. they were trying to fit for all the shirt they like with the SIZE L & XL.. OMG.. At the same time, i had to serve other customers also (my partner goin for her lunch..haha..) Luckily i manage to cover.. at the end, left vf the 2customers who were still trying the shirt they like..

For me, im able to wait for the customer to make their decision..However, fren(gastric) came and visit me.. It was reli long time that i never contact vf dis old fren..SHIT.. This was the 1st time that felt that nearly cant hang on and conversate vf both customers as the pain keep came out frm stomach (reli killing my passion). i try my best to hang on vf taking a deep breath...again and again.. i have to pretend im fine and in good condition when serving both customers..huhu.. suffer..

Finally, they left...(vf 2 t-shirts)huhu... without wasting any time, i rush to guardian..
Bing:" hi, can i have the gastric pill??"
Promoter A: "hmm, pardon?"
Bing: " i need gastric pill.. Gastric pill..(repeat 4th times, but he still dunno wat is gastric pill)
(haiz, 4gt bout it.. i look for myself..)
Promoter B: "hi, can i help u??"
Bing: "yup, i need gastric pill but if u hav gastric medice in liquid tats great." (she not understand
wat mean liquid den i said is like water not pill.. u ll never imagine tat she show me
towards the mineral water.. OMG..) With holding the gastric pill, i reli cant tahan
liao...PAID and LEAVE.. on the spot ATE the pill...

20 minit ltr, my old fren left me... SEE YOU>> NO NO... is not to see u again..wahahahaha...

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