Wednesday, May 13, 2009

**A girl liKe to Play baskEtbaLL**


this is the 1st time trying to wrote a blog about myself..

i was js a simple gal who reli love to play basketball.. Not js a hobby but now become a MUST for me. A work that help me to release tension, bored, hang out vf a gang of ppl who also like to play ball.. BUt most important that help me to release some of the FAT.. WAHAHAHA...

Beside require some of the skill to show off when playing ball.. the apparrell also playing 1 of the important role to represent as a basketball player... hmmm... But im not reli like the jersey cz it is sleeveless..(angin masuk cz kosong lo..hehe)

2nd~ I love to collect Sportshoe...hehe..( now have NIKE, AND1, FILA, and Jordan ) Haizzzz.... However, these shoe cost me a lot lo... I think spent about few hundred aldy..hehe.. POOR!!!

At last........


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